2017-2018 Classes

New Classes Always Forming!
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New Classes

fltGroup Flute Class for Adult Beginners

Always wanted to try the flute but were afraid to ask? Now is your chance to give it a try in an encouraging and fun environment. Maximum class size: 2-4 students. Offered Mondays at 1:30pm and 7:15pm.

Introduction to Historical Performance – ages 10 through Adult

Ever wondered what instruments came before the piano, violin or guitar? This class is for you. Explore the instruments of the past through instrument show and tell, and musical examples. Learn about music history the fun way! Mondays at 8pm-9pm.

Chamber Music

Making music with others is one of the best ways to experience music. GNMC forms chamber groups based on experience, age, and requests (friends who wish to play together). Groups that work successfully together for the semester will have an opportunity to perform at in-house recitals, out reach concerts, and can audition to perform at Carnegie Hall. Groups are scheduled at various times during weekday evenings and on Sundays.

Adult Chamber Music

Interested in playing music with other adults? Let us know and we will set you up with a partner or two. We can’t find another adult musician who is at your level or available at your free times? No problem! We can set you up to play duets with our faculty, sing with a pianist, jam with one of our guitarists (tuition=private lesson). Why not make music a regular part of your life? Day and time scheduled by group.

vlnGroup Violin Class for Adult Beginners

At a loss of how to help your child practice violin? Retired and finally have the time to pick up the fiddle? This class is for adult beginners who would like to learn the basic on violin playing. Maximum class size: 2-6 students. Offered on Wednesdays at 2pm and 7pm (a Thursday class may also open if there is interest).

Music Theory*

Music Theory is essential for a proper music education. Students learn the basics of rhythm, pitch notation, harmony, and the structure of music. Classes are organized by experience level, and are offered on Sundays and weekday evenings. Minimum class size: 3 students.

*Music Theory is also offered as a private lesson (a popular choice), and tutoring for the AP Music Theory high school class and test is always available. Multiple classes during the week. Ask for times.

Piano Duets

4hPiano four hands (and even 6 or 8 hands) was one of the most popular forms of entertainment before the radio, television, Internet and Facebook! The amount of fantastic music written for this genre is almost endless. Sign up with a friend and we will find a coach to work with you at a convenient time. Sign up alone and we will try to match you with a perfect group. Maximum class size: 2-4 students.

Tuition for all Group Classes is $35 per class. Most classes are one hour.


More Classes

Classes For the Very Young

Age 3 and up: Now even your littlest ones can learn to play an instrument! While it is most common for children to begin an instrument around age 5 or 6, some children actually start as early as 3 or 4 especially on violin, piano, cello, and guitar. Many of our teachers borrow approaches from the Suzuki method for their youngest students. Several of our teachers are Suzuki certified.

Age 4 to 7: Introduce your children to the joys of classical music with our Meet The Orchestra! class. Students will be introduced to different instruments and composers through stories, movement and live demonstrations. Sundays (call for time).

Classes For Everyone

Children’s Chorus (All Ages) – Have a blast (while sharpening your sight singing skills) singing music from contemporary and traditional theater. Solo opportunities! Possible performing venues include Carnegie Hall, Landmark on Main Street, Long Island Cares Fundraisers and more. Call for information.

Drum Circle (Age 7 to Adult) – Hand drumming for the pure fun of it! Learn challenging rhythm skills while having a blast. Great for families to do together. Mondays 7-8pm.

Guitar Class for Teens and Adults – Always wanted to play but need motivation? Try our Absolute Beginner Class on Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm. Play a little but want to learn and jam with others? Try our more experienced Rock Class on Thursdays 8-9pm or ask about our Rock Bands.

Learn Ventriloquism! (Age 7 to Adult) – Looking for something different, inspiring and totally fun? Master Ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner will teach participants of all ages the basic elements necessary to become a ventriloquist. Be prepared to laugh. Call for information.

Yiddish For Adults – “Kumt khapn a shmues” (come have a chat), “redt, shmeykhlt un lakht mit undz” (talk, smile and laugh with us). “S’vet zayn a groyser fargenign!” (It’ll be loads of fun!). For beginners and speakers of all levels who want to join the fun. Mondays 11am-12pm.

Song Writing and Popular Composition (Age 12 to Adult) – You know you have always wanted to do it! Our small classes or private instruction will give you a start and foundation to launch your own creativity. Please ask for class times.

Opera Scenes/Musical Theater Workshop (For High School Students and Adults) – Vocal and theatrical coaching, weekly rehearsals with a pianist and substantial roles for all involved. Class will prepare several public presentations throughout the year, including a performance at Carnegie Hall! Audition Required. Please ask for information.

The Basics

Basic Musicianship (Ages 6-9) – Using musical games and teamwork, students will gain important skills in rhythm, key signatures, music reading and other music fundamentals. Wednesdays 7:15-8pm or Sundays at 2:15pm.

Music Theory (All Ages) – Small classes ranging from beginning theory though advanced composition are scheduled throughout the week. Please ask for schedulePlacement required.

Ear Training/Music Theory preparation for the ABRSM (Royal Academy of Music) examsPlease ask for information.