Learn Ventriloquism!

Master Ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner…

…will teach the participants all the basic elements necessary to become a ventriloquist, i.e. Speaking without moving your lips; Pronouncing difficult letters; Creating character voices; Creating a personality for your puppet (dummy); Manipulating your puppet; “Throwing” your voice (the Distant Voice); How to write dialogue and scripts; Tips to telling jokes; The importance of Stage Presence; How to bring it all together to make your puppet “come to life”!

Materials required to bring to this course:

  1. an old, light colored sock
  2. a magic marker
  3. your eagerness to laugh and have fun!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity for an exciting, inspiring, fun-filled educational experience for ages 7 – 107!

Mondays 5-6pm

About Jonathan Gaffner

Jonathan Geffner and his puppet partners have enchanted audiences of all ages and sizes throughout the USA, the UK, Hong Kong and Japan. They have appeared on the nationally seen television programs: Late Night (NBC), Hour Magazine (FOX), The Joe Franklin Show (WOR), Dialogue (ABC) and KTV (CNBC). Jonathan has also appeared on numerous cable TV programs, and has been featured on ABC-TV News and News-12 Long Island. National TV audiences have also seen Jonathan and Friends in several anti-drug PSAs. Their award-winning videos are currently being seen in thousands of schools across the country.