Suzuki Guitar Lessons

Children as young as four years old can now join our new Introduction to Guitar Classes. This new program is an engaging introduction to guitar using elements from the Suzuki Method. Students in the program meet weekly for one private lesson and one group lesson. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. Involved parents will delight in their children’s rapid progress and obvious love for music. Most parents find themselves learning right along with their children, developing satisfying musical skills of their own.

Our Suzuki Guitar Lessons are taught by classical guitarist Madeleine Davidson.


A few things you should know about the Suzuki Method

  • Suzuki teachers believe that musical ability can be developed in all children
  • Students begin at young ages
  • Parents play an active role in the learning process
  • Children become comfortable with the instrument before learning to read music
  • Technique is taught in the context of pieces rather than through dry technical exercises
  • Pieces are refined through constant review
  • Students perform frequently, individually and in groups