Yiddish Classes

Basic Yiddish conversation, vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions will be covered in this fun, exciting introduction to “mameh-loshn” (mother tongue) –as Yiddish has been affectionately called by its native speakers for centuries. This richly expressive language of East European Jews, Yiddish was, for several centuries, spoken by more Jews throughout the world than any other language – including Hebrew. This course will be geared to beginners, but Yiddish speakers of all levels are welcome to join in the fun. So, “kumt khapn a shmues” (come have a chat), “redt, shmeykhlt un lakht mit undz” (talk, smile and laugh with us). “S’vet zayn a groyser fargenign!” (It’ll be loads of fun!) Required text for the course: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Learning Yiddish!

Mondays 11am-12pm

About the instructor

Jonathan Geffner has a B.A. in Yiddish Language and Literature from Queens College, CUNY. He has been the Director of two Workmen’s Circle Yiddish schools for children – in Cleveland, Ohio, and in Bergenfield, New Jersey. Jonathan Geffner has also taught numerous Yiddish courses for adults at various Jewish centers in New York, and at the Hong Kong Jewish Community Centre, and he has written articles for Yugntruf (Youth for Yiddish) magazine.